If you're sitting in your home right now looking around at the piles of laundry, kid toys everywhere and furniture you can’t stand any longer, I'm here to help. This was the position I found myself in a few years ago when I had an aha moment: we are going about this whole design thing all wrong.

For years I struggled with defining my space and making it truly feel like "me." I tried to figure out what my style was by pouring through blogs and pinning like crazy, but I still wasn't happy with how my home looked and felt. Now I understand that it's virtually impossible to fine-tune the design of your space until you get organized. Design works from the inside out. You need to get organized F-I-R-S-T. That’s the piece that you've been missing from your design game. And I'm guessing that's the thing that's been holding you up.

After years as a practicing family law attorney, I finally figured out my true calling: organized design. And while I don't use much from my lawyer days, my experience in coaching families and couples is what I rely on when I help my clients re-imagine their spaces. And yep: I have way more fun doing that than I did writing legal briefs.

So why hire me?

I approach all design choices through the lens of organization--and this is a completely unique way of re-imagining your space. Yes, I help you ditch the junk drawers and organize your closets, but it's time to stop pretending that design and organization are two separate things, because in reality they are deeply connected. Ignoring this connection is what keeps most of us living in spaces that don't work with the lives we lead, and don't serve as a true reflection of who we are. This is what I want to help you fix.

I live with my husband Chip and our son, Hutton in Los Angeles. If you want to get a glimpse into my life, check out my Instagram